Delaware River Port Authority Transit Corporation Sustainability Program Support


  • Client DRPA & PATCO
  • Location Camden, NJ
  • Category Strategy / Planning / Project Management / Energy / Transportation

What We Did

  • Reviewed existing sustainability plans
  • Provided expert analysis and revised Sustainability planning support
  • Offered a new comprehensive plan and asset tracking system

MCFA moves DRPA and PATCO towards more sustainable practices.

The Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) and Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO), a regional transportation and transit authority in Philadelphia/South Jersey operating 4 major bridges and a 14 mile rapid transit system, engaged MCFA to provide sustainability and resource efficiency consulting services. We delivered due diligence on limited previous sustainability planning efforts, provided guidance to Sustainability planning, implementation and management, as well as carried out specific energy and project evaluation tasks.

Following our assessments, we offered DRPA/PATCO recommendations to implement and manage a comprehensive sustainability plan. Our recommendations included new planning, roles and responsibilities for the program, an asset tracking system, as well as conservation goals with metrics for evaluation.

The frameworks provided by MCFA shifted the mindset of these organizations towards more sustainable practices. We offered tools and identified actions needed to focus efforts towards efficient and impactful sustainability planning.