MCFA is a Dedicated Team of Problem Solvers.

We specialize in providing Strategy & Planning, Program & Construction Management services for a diverse set of clients.

The Success of your Mission is our Business.

We’ve met clients at every stage of their project. After 15 years, we have stories to tell. For all the roads we’ve traveled and clients we’ve served, we know enough abut our business to say we still haven’t seen it all. That’s why MCFA starts outside the box. We’re a team of innovators, explorers, and pathfinders to new ideas. No matter your project type or scope, you give us your direction and MCFA will find a way.

2003 Est. Oct. 3
Michael Fuhrman, Founder
"Our clients hire us for our energy, creativity, and reliability - if we can’t deliver these, then what’s the point?”

Current Certifications

SDVOSB – Verified through the VA       DVOB + SBE + VOB – State of New Jersey                      SBD VBE – State of Pennsylvania          VSBE – State of Maryland                                               SDVOB – State of New York                  SDVOB – Port Authority of New York & New Jersey              SWAM – State of Virginia

Founded in 2003, MCFA is rich in history

Below is a snapshot of MCFA’s history. Let our history save your future time, money and aggravation. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. Let us be your partner for your next big project.