US Army Energy Resiliency Planning and Net Zero Program Support


  • Client Army IMCOM
  • Location Army Installations Across NAD and CONUS
  • Year 2018
  • Project Focus Utility Studies; Net Zero Planning; Sustainability Planning

What We Did

  • Performed energy audits and evaluations at every major Army installation across the RPEC AOR.
  • Reduced energy intensity by at least 3% per year and water consumption by at least 2% per year.
  • Supported the Army’s mission of energy use reduction improving energy reliability and resiliency at Army installations.

Unlike traditional Resource Efficiency Management services , MCFA provides a unique REM service to the Installation Management Command of the Army.

This service is to provide multiple REMs that travel to various locations across the US to perform energy audits. The installations are chosen by IMCOM management and the REMs based upon an energy intensity analysis performed by the REMs to identify installations that may be struggling in meeting their mandated energy reduction goals. These energy audits typically can be a broader approach for an installation, resembling an ASHRAE Level I, for a larger grouping of facilities, or can be a much more detailed approach, resembling an ASHRAE Level II, for a smaller select grouping of facilities. This unique program allows our REMs to impact the Army at large, while still assisting specific installations in need.

Some key work tasks executed by the MCFA personnel included: developed an effective network of facility managers and building energy monitors at IMCOM installations to facility energy program development and implementation; supported installation’s efforts to optimize facility operations to minimize utility costs; developed, implemented, and sustained an energy awareness, incentive, and planning program; provided renewable energy projects planning and design support and analysis; identified potential energy projects, programs, and initiatives at installations; supported the implementation of energy projects; prepared for and conducted energy awareness training, workshops, and conferences; and performed installation-specific analysis as assigned by IMCOM within the tasks described. 

MCFA has performed energy audits and energy analysis support at Fort Irwin, Fort Drum, Fort Meyer, Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Gordon, Fort Huachuca, Fort Polk, Fort Jackson, Natick Soldier Systems Center, Redstone Arsenal, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Carlisle Barracks, Ft. Hamilton, Presidio of Monterrey and Detroit Arsenal.