Glassboro-Camden Light Rail Line Real Estate and Environmental Impact Study


  • Client DRPA
  • Locations Southern New Jersey
  • Category EIS, TOD, Real Estate Transit Study

What We Did

  • Environmental lmpact Study
  • Real Estate Station Analysis
  • TOD Study

MCFA provided technical and program management support to the A/E prime in the development of an EIS, Transit-Oriented Development studies, program implementation plans, and overall project development strategies for an 18-mile, 14 station new light rail line project to serve and benefit communities across southern New Jersey. MCFA services have included leadership and support in the following areas; community planning, environmental and land/real estate development planning services, project finance, and project implementation strategies.

Areas of Emphasis: MCFA completed the following services during the contract period:

  • Project Scheduling – MCFA has supported the A/E prime in the preparation of overall project and program work plans, schedules, staffing plans, risk management plans, and the development of project implementation strategies. These services have been in support of the on-going EIS project as well as the overall DBOMF program implementation effort.
  • Public/Private Venture Finance Plan – The MCFA team is preparing a Finance Plan that supports procurement and execution of the project as a Design/Build/Own/Maintain/Finance (DBOM-F) venture to be solicited to industry in 2019. As part of the Finance Plan effort, MCFA team members have been exploring economic partnership opportunities with the existing freight rail operator, securing state financial support, and development of an availability payments deal structure and methodology for advancing the project. The analysis includes a comprehensive review the financial capacity of the confirmed project sponsor and its ability to finance the development, construction, and operation of the project. Scenarios also explore the potential for value capture from primary and secondary induced real estate development and redevelopment.
  • Transit Oriented Development Study – MCFA prepared an updated Area Development Plan report that explores and documents transit-oriented development potential around 7 key station areas. The report examined opportunities to encourage public/private partnerships, joint development projects, mixed-use development, economic and community betterment strategies. Study efforts also included regional and local economic impact assessments, real estate market assessments, and opportunities to implement value capture tools at the local level including tax increment financing and establishment of community improvement districts that would help increase the return on investment of a major new transit infrastructure project. Outreach efforts included partnering sessions with local governments at every future station location.