Devens Reserve Forces Training Area ADP and EA


  • Client OCAR ARIMD
  • Location Devens, MA
  • Year 2022
  • Project Focus Area Development Plan; Environmental Assessment

What We Did

  • “MCFA provided the Government a technically experienced and capable project team to perform an Area Development Plan Update, as well as consulted with an experienced and knowledgeable environmental team to perform an Environmental Assessment. The project team produced quality deliverables.” – Maggie Thatcher, USACE Louisville COR

Project Description

MCFA was responsible for preparing an Area Development Plan (ADP) for Fort Devens RFTA, an update of the 2013 ADP involving stakeholder engagement to choose the best Preferred Alternative. The team managed the COA and SWOT development and analysis, Requirements Analysis, 1-N List, facility utilization studies, managed planning charettes, site visits, created the ADP document and Quick Reference Brief, and developed and submitted the accompanying EA deliverable.

  • Area Development Plan The 2013 ADP was developed without considering the importance and impact that the South Post training area had on the overall installation. The installation has doubled in size since the 2013 ADP and has continued to grow its capabilities to support the Army Reserve Commands. ADP allows for South Post to continue to modernize and improve its training capabilities in support of emerging warfighter requirements, technologies and equipment.
  • Capital Investment Strategy The planning team made a case for strategic capital investment in an incremental manner over time that recognizes limited available funding while ensuring mission continuity and ongoing viability of this key training asset.
  • Facility Utilization Studies – MCFA conducted on‐site investigations and interviews; updated facility requirements, calculations, and validations; and executed future development planning activities with stakeholders.
  • Requirements Analysis – The Requirements Analysis showed mission and training growth since 2013 means recommended significant additional footprint reduction proposed in 2013 ADP was no longer relevant or recommended. Preferred Alternative allows for Main Cantonment and 3400 area to focus on improving resiliency and redundancy in access and power supply to support requirements for key tenant missions.