Construction Management Support at Navy Yard


  • Client Philadelphia Navy Yard
  • Location Philadelphia, PA
  • Year 2019
  • Project Focus Construction Management

What We Did

  • Provided key single-point-of-contact services for the Navy to ensure successful planning, environmental permitting and completion of the project.
  • Assisted with quality assurance support.
  • Created a plan to increase electrical load capacity to support Navy Yard expansion.

Project Description

Aging infrastructure throughout the Navy campus in Philadelphia Navy Yard, with insufficient electrical load capacity to support the Navy’s projects and future development opportunities. The original project team required additional assistance to complete the project.

MCFA delivered construction management support for Burn’s Engineering Group. Our team of CM experts assisted with quality assurance support and weekly progress reports. MCFA responded quickly and efficiently to issues that arose during the construction and development of project scope items.

MCFA delivered the best possible project outcome to the Navy and PIDC on time and on budget. The additional electrical load capacity will support the Navy Yard’s expansion for the next 5 years. MCFA was recognized as being a deeply integral part of the project team’s success.