Construction Management Support at Navy Yard


  • Client PIDC
  • Location Philadelphia, PA
  • Year 2019
  • Project Focus Construction Management

What We Did

  • Provided key single-point-of-contact services for the Navy to ensure successful planning, environmental permitting and completion of the project.
  • Assisted with quality assurance support.
  • Created a plan to increase electrical load capacity to support Navy Yard expansion.

Project Description

MCFA’s Construction Management and Engineering group assisted Burns Engineering with the oversight, quality assurance, coordination, and management of an electrical and infrastructure improvement at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA. MCFA specifically provides construction management support, quality assurance support, and weekly project reports. The Navy Yard’s electrical load capacity was insufficient to support future Navy projects and development. The project outcome will provide the Navy with an additional load capacity for the next 5 years. MCFA performed site visits during the construction, observed the progress and supported the development and review of quality control mock-ups and observation of factory acceptance testing.

The project consisted of a large number of environmental and utility service continuity improvement projects integrated into a historic waterfront site. Key infrastructure resiliency elements included the construction of two new electric substations facilities and all associated duct banks, switchgears, capacitors, relay protection, relay communication, network equipment and service connections.

MCFA completed the following services during the contract period:

  • Substations (two new facilities – switchgears, capacitors, relay protection, relay communication and network equipment)
  • Electrical protection, control engineering, panel assembly and testing
  • Ductbank Infrastructure (sawcut, excavated and poured two miles of trenchwork)
  • Electrical cabling and ductbanks (20×5″, 8×5″) 11,000-LF
  • Fiber optical communication network cable and duct banks (3×3″) 7,000-LF
  • Manholes (cored 53 manholes and fabricated and installed 23 new manholes)
  • Horizontal Directional Drill (Navy basin, pre-fabricated four (4) high-density 6″ polyethylene pipes) 4,800-LF of cable/fiber