Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Future Development Plan


  • Client Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
  • Location Adelphi Laboratory Center, MD; Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
  • Year 2015
  • Project Focus Master Planning/Project Development

What We Did

  • Prepared a system-wide Infrastructure Master Plan and companion Campus Master Plan.
  • Completed a portfolio-wide inventory and assessment of key facilities at multiple locations.
  • Prepared a project development policy manual that outlined key goals, objectives and policies.

Project Description

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Open Campus concept seeks to bring government, industry and academic researchers together to promote information sharing and ultimately enhance the RDT&E process. With the Open Campus concept driving ARL’s vision, MCFA documented the Future Development Plan for ARL’s facilities at the Adelphi Laboratory Center (ALC) and Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG). MCFA, pursuant to UFC 2‐100‐01, conducted a physical site/utility analysis, visioning meetings with ARL Leadership, analysis of future planning and transportation improvements in the surrounding community and analysis of current access control and ATFP. The resulting Future Development Plan at ALC features: 

  • Three Campus Hubs, with an internal Garrison shuttle and bike share to connect the hubs. 
  • Future realignment of access control points, in which access to the Garrison will come from major arterials recently upgraded to serve the adjacent FDA Campus. The ACP realignment will move traffic from a two-lane neighborhood arterial improving traffic conditions for the surrounding residential community. 
  • A preliminary economic/marketing analysis for future EUL opportunities. With the desire for an “Open Campus” and location right off I‐495, EUL is a viable option for future development at ALC. 
  • MCFA has initiated the EUL coordination with USACE, the State of Maryland, Prince Georges County and the National Capital Planning Commission and other regulatory agencies on the project. 

The Future Development Plan at APG includes: 

  • Area Development Plans for the six ARL areas at APG. The plan seeks to consolidate ARL personnel to encourage facility sharing and collaboration. 
  • Execution strategy featuring a mix of MILCON, renovations, and potential EUL opportunities. New facilities are proposed to replace degrading facilities with the goal being to reduce ARL’s facility lifecycle costs. Additionally, consideration was made to designate which ARL facilities require higher levels of security. 
  • In addition to creating additional collaborator-friendly space, the plan’s implementation could result in the improvement of ARL’s facility portfolio at APG, significantly reducing Q‐4 and Q‐3 facilities.