Creating a New Future for Army R&D


  • Client Army Research Lab
  • Year 2015
  • Location Adelphi, MD
  • Detail Planning / Strategy

What We Did

  • Developed an Open Campus master plan
  • Integrated natural features into transit network
  • Outlined public private partnership financing strategy

Open Campus initiative optimized through MCFA planning and strategy.

The Army Research Lab is shifting the paradigm of government and academic collaboration by consolidating partnerships in new facilities across the country. MCFA developed a master plan for one of these new collaboration centers, an innovation hub or IHub, at Adelphi, Maryland. This blueprint features three nodes that focus on the pedestrian and integrate natural features and greenways to connect the campus network and eliminate the need for car-trips on site.

MCFA features an access control point in the plan that will divert traffic from congested roadways. Additionally, the campus will also benefit from existing and future rapid transit bus systems that will connect with the Washington Metro system. MCFA developed this strategy with the surrounding community in mind; a smart, sustainable campus with an integrated transit plan will improve quality of life and property values for residents.