Aberdeen Proving Ground Utility Privatization


  • Client Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Department of Public Works
  • Location Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
  • Date 2017-2019
  • Project Focus Construction/Project Management; Quality Assurance

What We Did

  • Oversaw all construction and program management, quality assurance and quality control, and construction safety.
  • Ensured adherence to project schedule and budget.
  • Mitigated project issues.

Project Description

MCFA has been contracted to provide on-site construction management supporting the Installation’s Directorate of Public Works (DPW). Key services include; day-to-day management and oversight of the utility contractor’s efforts, schedule review, coordination with tenants and missions to minimize disruptions and outages during construction, and preparation of situation reports to the DPW, mission and Garrison leadership.

Through a mission support contract, the DPW engaged MCFA to provide Project Management, Construction Management, Engineering Review and Inspection and Safety Program Oversight for their ongoing utility privatization contract. With a focus on enabling the success of the UP contractor, MCFA acted in conjunction with APG staff to ensure the project’s success and the protection of the installation and its tenant missions, as well as DLA and their UP contractor.To provide these services,

MCFA placed four construction managers on-site to support overall construction/program management, quality assurance and quality control and construction safety. Phase 1 services were completed as of 30 September 2018. Phase 2 services are currently underway.

MCFA completed the following services during the contract period:

  • The Electric Utility Provider (EUP) system upgrade consists of four (4) different projects – Project 1: Aberdeen Area (AA) 35kV Upgrade, Project 2: AA 15kV Upgrade, Project 3: Edgewood Area (EA) 35kV Upgrade and Project 4: EA 15kV Upgrade.
  • Projects 1 and 3 include following major electrical components: 35kV distribution system, 35kV-13.2kV Substations and Switching Station (4 Aberdeen and 3 Edgewood).
  • Projects 2 and 4 include following major electrical components: 3.2kV main distribution feeders, 13.2kV secondary (sub) feeders, Pad-mounted distribution transformers, Low-voltage service cutovers.
  • Projects 1-4 are being completed simultaneously with O&M of the existing electrical system.