Super Bowls, Super Teams and the Superdome

“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.”
-Lou Holtz

Super Bowl Sunday has always been a fun day in our family.  My Dad, who is just shy of 65, played football through college and to this day continues to look like a linebacker (the size genes skipped me) and leads like a football coach. Today, February 5th, we celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

My Dad and I got a short meet up on his birthday while we were both deployed in Iraq. (February 2006)

With his football upbringing and his birthday in early February, there is always a lot of fun to be had with the family. Despite COVID’s impact on the NFL season, we are still planning to celebrate the game and “Papa Bear’s” birthday on Sunday because what is more Philadelphia than seeing your former coach take his team to the Super Bowl 2 years in a row?

With the Super Bowl going on this weekend, I’ve been thinking about two things – the Superdome and Super Teams (SPOILER ALERT – we are building one! Click here to apply). 

  1. Superdome?!  I know, I know, the Super Bowl is in Tampa this year. But do you remember the 2013 Super Bowl when the Baltimore Ravens were SMOKING the San Fransisco 49ers and all of a sudden the power went out at the stadium?!?! All I could do was text a good friend of mine who was the VP of Facilities at the Georgia Dome and say “So glad that is not you!”. His response, “My worst nightmare!”. Unsung heroes of all major events are the facilities and logistics teams, right? No one appreciates all of the behind the scenes planning, design, coordinating, break down, construction, utilities, power requirements, etc., etc., until a power outage almost ends a game – or worse – changes the outcome! Ravens lost their mojo, 49ers ended up coming back, but luckily (for the facilities guys) the Ravens held on for the win. Thanks to all of the A/E/C teams out there for making the little things happen behind the scenes, so we can achieve big wins and results!
  2. Super Teams. How do you build a Super Bowl-winning team? You need a great QB and a great RB, a great receiving core, a great O-Line, a great rushing defense, a great Linebacker corps, great Special Teams, and a great Head Coach, great coordinators, and, and, and…it TAKES A TEAM, right?! A team of GREAT PEOPLE. But why does one player or coach work out in one organization but not another? Systems and cultures, that’s why. Chemistry matters. Culture matters. Not everyone was made for every team and not every great player will perform for every great coach. The talent acquisition, integration, cultivation, and development process starts early in the NFL – with scouting and the NFL Combine. There are books and experts galore on Human Capital and Strategic HR and Talent Acquisition. This is hard, complicated stuff (the Eagles can’t even get it right), but in order to build great teams, we need great people. So, we are asking you to tell 10 friends and hopefully, they can tell 10 friends, that MCFA is a pretty special place to work and WE NEED GREAT PEOPLE. We have a strong core team and we need to build upon it. Interested? Read more here

BJ Kraemer, President