APG Real Estate Support


  • Client The Directorate of Public Work’s Real Estate Division at Aberdeen Proving Ground
  • Year 12/2010-12/2011
  • Location Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

What We Did

  • Advised on range of real estate transactions
  • Negotiated leases, licenses, easements, and permits
  • Facilitated creative resolution with Univ. of Maryland

MCFA provided primary administrative and technical support for the Directorate of Public Work’s Real Estate Division at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

We helped the Division resolve a number of real estate transactions, including leases, licenses, easements, and permits, to third parties and Army tenants. Among these was a creative resolution involving the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI), a University of Maryland fire and emergency response training program. A mission requirement prevented MFRI from future use at the property leased on Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG). MCFA saw mutual benefit in the low lease payments for MFRI and the on-site and low-cost fire responder personnel for APG.

The resolution began with the Report of Availability prepared by MCFA. We detailed the availability and the anticipated fair market value of the new property to be obtained for the U.S. Army, considering operational and environmental conditions and constraints. To meet the fair market value, MCFA negotiated an arrangement with the tenant to receive receipts of first responder training and education sessions for APG personnel. Mutual benefits were preserved; MRFI kept their lease payments low and APG retained the benefits of offsetting the costs of special training in exchange.