Pains, Change & Automobiles

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”-Dan Millman

Do you have anything in your life you want to improve?  

Your diet? Your fitness? Your financial picture? Your work-life balance? Your job?  

What changes do you need to make? What is stopping you?

Change is hard.   

We are a product of the decisions and habits we create. And even when those decisions and habits create pain, bad diet, bad fitness, bad financial habits, etc., we find it hard to change.  

As a growing company, we are constantly experiencing change at MCFA, and with change comes growing pains. What worked three years ago for a situation won’t necessarily work today. What made sense when we had 20 employees might not work with 40 employees. 

We have a choice as we change. We can look at the pain like sore legs after a hard workout as a sign that it’s working or look at it with fear.  

In his Hall of Fame speech, Brian Dawkins said, “The majority of success I have had has come on the back end of pain. Pain has pushed me to levels unknown. For me at the time, all I know that was pain but on the other side of it, all of a sudden, I became better in an area. So when we go through those situations in our lives, pain helps you develop those things that is going to take you to the next level of whatever it is the Lord has for you.”

So whether you are choosing to make a change or someone is making the choice for you, you can either embrace the pain as a necessity for growth or fear the pain and never grow. 

But if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.  

What change are you making this weekend?

BJ Kraemer, President