MCFA Wins Three New Planning Contracts

Strategic Capital Implementation Master Planning

MCFA has been awarded the Strategic Capital Implementation Master Planning (36C26220R0143) contract supporting the Department of Veterans Affairs Long Beach. MCFA will document physical development and programming requirements for three major projects at the VA Long Beach Healthcare Systems Campus, as well as create an engagement plan for the approval process and implementation plan for the project executions. MCFA will also be responsible for identifying and phasing staging options, mission contingency strategies, capital investment requirements, engagement of approval authorities and a campaign plan for each project. Finally, MCFA will be defining project funding stream and approval acceleration options, creating key performance indicators, and providing templates for project development and execution workflow monitoring that will be implemented in this contract and future projects. MCFA is delighted to work with the LBVA and begin work on this new endeavor. 

Program and Planning Support for USACE Louisville

MCFA is excited to announce it has been awarded the contract for Professional Services for Management and Planning Support (W912QR20R0025). Supporting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District, MCFA will provide a variety of services, including program management support, master planning, real estate planning, project management support, program management support assistance, environmental management support, modular design support, building information management support, quality assurance, facility planning, construction planning and database management support. In addition, MCFA will lend support to the Army Reserve Installation Management Directorate, Army Reserve Division in their work on various Military programs and Regional Support Commands within the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Strategic Planning Consulting Services for University of South Carolina

MCFA is excited to announce that the firm has been awarded a contract to provide strategic planning consulting services for the University of South Carolina & Systems Campuses (USC-FPB-3639-AS). Our firm will assist the University in analyzing its strategic goals, defining the university’s strategy, direction and decision making on allocating its resources to pursue strategies, and designing control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy. MCFA will consult on strategies for developing and implementing strategic plans and researching, designing, and developing programs