MCFA Celebrates Park & Recreation Month!

Since 1985, July has been celebrated as Park and Recreation Month!

MCFA recognizes the importance of parks and recreation in our communities and the experiences they provide. In honor of Park and Recreation Month 2021, MCFA highlights our Shepherdsville Park Master Plan completed for the city of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, in 2019.

MCFA created a Park Master Plan for the city’s underutilized and under-appreciated 130-acre park located in Shepherdsville, KY – a quaint city located 30 miles south of Louisville. Considered a verdant open space, the park connects residential, commercial, and civic areas of Shepherdsville and Bullitt County to the Salt River. Due to recent economic development at the time, residential and commercial needs in the surrounding areas began to shift and grow.

MCFA evaluated existing site conditions and programmatic use of Shepherdsville Park and the Salt River waterfront. The project team also analyzed the vehicular circulation and parking, including a parking space inventory and how pedestrian circulation would be affected by proposed changes. Transportation to nearby neighborhoods and community facilities were also studied, and opportunities for future links to surrounding parklands and forests were defined. MCFA also addressed waterfront access points to allow access to the Salt River and did flora and fauna surveys to mitigate any environmental concerns related to proposed projects.

Our team is grateful to have worked on such an important project and encourages everyone to get out to their local park and have some FUN this summer!