Inspiring People & Places: Episode 45

Title: “Making a Big Impact by Applying Expertise and Focusing on Communication to Protect Contract Fairness with Brian Perlberg”

Episode Summary:

On this week’s episode BJ sits down with Brian Perlberg, Executive Director & Senior Counsel for ConsensusDocs, a coalition of 40 leading construction organizations. Brian is the only construction attorney in the United States certified as a CM-Lean for lean construction. Using Brian’s contracts to communicate and incorporate best practices instills fairness throughout contracts and are used by people who want to mitigate claims instead of escalating claims. 

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Host: BJ Kraemer, MCFA

Special Guest: Brian Perlberg, ConsensusDocs

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Episode Resources:

CM-Lean: The AGC Certificate of Management-Lean Construction (CM-Lean) is an assessment-based certificate credential that denotes knowledge and understanding of concepts related to lean adoption, practice and process transformation outlined in AGC’s Lean Construction Education Program. Successful candidates will carry the CM-Lean designation.

ConsensusDocs was founded in 2007 under the leadership of twenty organizations in the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry, with one goal in mind: to help the industry build a better way by developing contracts that protect the best interests of the project. In order to do so, the ConsensusDocs Coalition created a process dependent upon — trust, collaboration, and innovation. About The ConsensusDocs Coalition | Construction Contract Agreements: The ConsensusDocs Coalition consists of 41 prominent organizations collectively representing more than 300,000 individuals and companies