Golf Tees & Coaching Trees

“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”
-Tom Peters

Masters weekend is here!!  

Despite my dad’s best efforts, I didn’t grow up around golf. It wasn’t his game, but he knew there was value to me getting exposed to all aspects of the sport – the learning, the patience, the networking, and the lifetime sport. Early one spring season, he took me to apply for a job as a caddie. I don’t remember the details of how things played out, but I ended up getting a job as a busboy at a local restaurant instead. While I learned all about Customer Service as a busboy, I missed my opportunity to get exposed to the game.  

Over the years, I have attempted to pick up the game. Despite my lack of talent (or consistency!), I have grown an affinity for it – playing and watching. On a scale of respectable to embarrassing, my game falls towards the latter, but like anything, you have to start somewhere. I recently engaged a coach to help me with lessons in an effort to get better. The coach gives me accountability to prioritize the time and build the habit of practicing, and he gives me feedback. But he is also working himself out of a job. The other day he said, “My job is to get you not to need me!” I have always felt coaching is the ultimate leadership platform, but that statement says it all.

Our job as leaders isn’t to create followers but to create other leaders.  

Have you ever read about the coaching trees of some of the greatest coaches? I read Winning the NFL Way: Leadership Lessons from Football’s Top Head Coaches 15 years ago, and ever since, I have paid particular attention to the NFL coaching trees. A lesson from the book that stuck out was, “Invest in the leaders under you and risk them leaving, don’t invest in them and guarantee they will leave.” I think the NFL coaching trees are the ultimate measure of coaching and mentoring, grooming, and developing other leaders. That is our ultimate measure of success, isn’t it?  

At MCFA, we are committed to leadership and grooming future Project Leaders and working with our clients to groom and mentor their teams. While we are always searching for the perfect game and the perfect project, at MCFA, we are just focused on reducing our handicaps every day. As people, parents, professionals, and as a company.

How are you getting better every day?   

BJ Kraemer, President