DNA Test

“Look at kids playing with blocks. I think it’s in everyone’s DNA to want to be a builder.”
-Dan Phillips

Someone recently commented on the DNA helix often attached to our logo. To them, it seemed like a weird thing to have on a logo.

I get it. It’s an odd thing for a firm in the engineering and construction industry to add to its logo. 

But if my time on the owner’s side (US Army Corps of Engineers) taught me anything, it’s this. Many things must go right for a project to come to successful fruition. 

From the owner’s perspective, you need analysis, planning, decision-making and the proper management approach to ensure your program or project is successfully executed.

And every so often, an obstacle gets in our way. 

We wanted to build a team of people who added value and navigated the inherent obstacles within any project. Whether it’s a financial hurdle, a technical issue or an organizational barrier, we keep projects on track.

That’s our DNA. 

We help organizations Discover, Navigate and Accelerate (DNA) their projects and programs. Everything we do boils down to that. 

Right now, we have staff: 

  • Inspecting roadways, 
  • Assessing military installations, 
  • Planning healthcare facilities, 
  • Managing resort restorations, and
  • Brainstorming on the phone with owners about their energy programs, and research and development initiatives. The list goes on.

Everything we do is in service of helping our clients Discover, Navigate and Accelerate their projects and programs. 

That’s at our core. That’s our DNA.  

What would your DNA test say? 

BJ Kraemer, President

P.S. – If you’re experiencing hurdles in your projects or program, I’d love to brainstorm with you. Don’t hesitate to give me a call.