Culture and Careers

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”
-John Maxwell

This week, we were delighted and privileged to host Todd McCaffrey, Maj. Gen. US Army Retired, as our guest on Inspiring People and Places podcast. Gen. McCaffrey and I discussed the inevitable process of change that we all go through during our careers. You know the old saying, “the only thing consistent in life is change.”? Sometimes these changes are decisions we make, and other times they are forced on us.

No matter how the change happens, once it happens, we have to make big decisions and evaluate the “shuns,” as Gen. McCaffrey pointed out: Vocation – Compensation – Location. So, whether it’s a promotion in your company, a new project team, a new job or even starting your own company, the process begins as we evaluate the all-important “shuns.”

However, there is one other important factor, if not the most important one, to consider, and it is not related to any of the “shuns.” It is Culture. That’s right, Culture – it can make or break any job. Every company, like every family, has a unique culture. And let’s face it, we all know there are certain ones we do not want to be a part of!

At MCFA, we intentionally develop our culture through our five Core Values(White Glove Customer Service, Extreme Ownership, Teamwork, Intentional Creativity and FUN). Our company and culture are not for everyone – we know that, and that’s ok! It’s why we are very intentional about these values in our hiring process. We know the people aligned with our core values will thrive, and those who aren’t probably won’t.

So whether you are considering a new company, joining a new project or changing to a new career, make sure you find the right team culture for you! And if you are a leader, make sure you are driving the right culture for your team! 

BJ Kraemer, President