A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action

“Everything gets harder if you start going on and on about how hard it is.”

-N.D. Wilson

Two weeks into the year…how are those goals? Resolutions?  

Or was that all talk?  

John Maxwell tells the story of a young man that comes up to him after a conference and announces to John that he wants to do what he does. So, John asks him the question, “Would you like to do what I did, so you can do what I do?”


John goes on, “You see, we want to do what they do, but we don’t want to did what they did. And what we don’t understand is if we don’t did what they did, we don’t get to do what they do, because the do is what people see, but it was the did that made us who we are. Without the did, you don’t get the do, and without the did, you’re just in deep dodo.”

I love a good quote (you think?), and I believe that words are a powerful tool. From music to movies and books to bedtime stories, words can inspire, or they can divide. They can build up, or they can tear down. They can forgive an old enemy, or they can create a new one. Words can tell a love story, a war story, a fairy tale or a fable.

The words we use matter.  

The words that are inside of our heads, the words that come out of our mouths, and the words that are typed with our fingers. What we say and how we say it has power. So, let’s use them wisely and positively. 

But remember, words can’t take action unless we do.  

So, what’s the next action on that goal you set for the year? That resolution you made? 

As John Maxwell said, “Without the did, you don’t get the do.”

Take action. This time next year you will wish you did.

BJ Kraemer, President