Agency Entrepreneur

Public Servant.  Steward.  Champion. 

These are the words that describe our very best clients.  I know, I know.  You are the owner, the boss and the bill payer, how dare we label you as a best client or not?!? 

The truth is, we aren’t for everyone and everyone is not for us.   Our time is our most precious commodity, we would prefer to work with clients who are focused on making the world and their agency a better place.

MCFA’s professionals are passionate by nature.  It doesn’t take much to get us excited about solving a problem.  We pride ourselves on being able to take a problem, client or agency “through the valley of NO and up the mountain of WE CAN’T.” We want to work with you to keep agency politics, the blame game and other daily distractions at bay and relegated to background noise.   These are keeping you and your agency from being your best selves. 

We aspire to elevate our clients to become Agency Entrepreneurs.  As an Agency Entrepreneur, you will find yourself  willing to push the envelope, take some risks and make great things happen for your agency and the stakeholders you serve.  Agency Entrepreneurs love their agency’s mission and feel loyalty to the organization.  They are not afraid to  do the right thing and create a higher level accountability.  Here is what they are not:

  • Clock punchers just trading time for a paycheck
  • Water cooler gossipers  speaking unkindly of teammates
  • ‘Yes’ people always deferring to others
  • Clock blockers, finding ways to stop things rather than advance things (more on this another time)

If you are serious about advancing projects, improving your agency and creating a better future – we’d love to talk.

BJ Kraemer, President