10 Year Plans

10 years!?  How did that happen? 

This weekend is a big weekend.  My wife and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  This weekend also represents 10 years since I left active duty and joined the Army Reserves. Like all big milestones, this one has me reflecting…a lot.

That’s 120 months, 520 weeks, 3640 days…you get the picture. It’s a lot of time passed!

What has happened in the last 10 years?  Kids, Houses, Careers, Wins, Losses…a whole lotta life.

I remember when I was applying to West Point – the plethora of essays and interviews I went through where someone inevitably asked: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”  Wow, 10 years!?  At the time, I was 17…10 years was more than half of my life. Where would I be?  I had no idea.  Now, looking back, 10 years went by in a flash. 

Where were you 10 years ago?  Where will you be 10 years from now?

I will tell you where we want to be.  10 years from now, we will be the go-to Project Development firm for both Private and Public Sector clients to call on for their most complex projects and programs.  Why?  Because we have a moral obligation to inspire people and places.

At MCFA we are in the business of acceleration and helping our clients break through institutional inertia.  We aren’t in the Strategy and Planning business to talk about what could be…we are here to help you advance your organization.  At MCFA, we are about World Changing Ideas AND the Expertise to Execute.  If you find yourself stuck in binders full of bureaucracy, our Discovery Session might be for you.  We have had clients take the leap to find their contracting or credit card holder, book us for a 1 day or 1 week deep dive, exhale all of their vision and us give them a road map to the future.  The best leaders just need a little outside support to get them organized, so they can collaborate with their staff to take the organization into the future.  We are Project Developers, but more than that, we are Organization Accelerators.

At MCFA we are growing (and always recruiting!!!).  You see, as a small business, we don’t have a lot of jobs to fill.  We have a lot of careers to create and clients to serve.  It’s a people business and we are looking for talented, core value aligned professionals who have what it takes to help us deliver projects – better, smarter, faster.  

As you enter this Labor Day Holiday weekend, think about where will you be in 10 years.  To roughly quote Matthew McConaughey – let’s keep chasing the best version of ourselves and our companies 10 years from now.  

BJ Kraemer, President