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MCFA Energy Savings Project featured in Simpson House Annual ReportJune 30, 2016

Simpson House, the oldest United Methodist affiliated retirement community in the world, is making history again. Plans were approved in 2015 to perform a complete energy infrastructure makeover of the campus. Simpson House chose New Jersey-based energy management and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) specialist ENER-G Rudox Inc., in cooperation with their partners and clean energy specialists, Blue Sky Power and MCFA Global, to implement this comprehensive project.


At the heart of the infrastructure makeover is installation of a highly efficient tri-generation system that will provide heat, cooling, and electricity for the campus. The project will also include comprehensive lighting upgrades and the replacement of existing boilers and chillers in the community’s powerhouse. “Simpson House was an early pioneer in senior living. This advanced and innovative approach, maximizing the uses of available technology for energy and production management, is in keeping with the pioneering spirit that characterized the early days of Simpson House. It is a comprehensive and affordable plan that will serve us well for decades,” explained Kim Williams, Simpson Senior Services President and CEO. Blue Sky Power CEO Ben Parvey adds, “It turns out many senior living communities can actually reduce their carbon footprint while saving money. At Simpson House, we have been able to work with ENER-G Rudox to deliver a solution that benefits the end-user economically, while simultaneously contributing to important sustainability goals.”  


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