Facilities Integration

Our facilities support systems improve energy efficiency, increases process efficiency, decreases operations and maintenance costs, and extends equipment life.

Aberdeen Proving Ground – Decision Support for Operations and Maintenance

MCFA was tasked by the US Army CFO to prepare a pilot program integrating maintenance management, energy and space management software programs into a single platform that allowed for transparency of business operations and the optimal operation of mission critical assets. This effort was executed at both Fort Bliss and Aberdeen Proving Ground. This integration proved that you could integrate the disparate O&M, Energy and Space into a single platform that both provides financial optics and operational optics to both the General officer level and the daily operator of the assets.

Fort Bliss Renewable Energy

As a DoD flagship installation, Fort Bliss added a small city of about 50,000 people to its population and built an entirely new complex. This investment was over 3 billion dollars. These additions will dramatically increase the energy needs of Fort Bliss and its surrounding communities. MCFA realized that the generation of wind power, bio mass, and solar represented an opportunity for the installation capture a renewable energy source on a large scale and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

MCFA formed a research team with the New Mexico State University Institute for Energy and the Environment and developed a number of potential projects which are no in various stages of development and procurement. MCFA also selected two sites and erected the testing equipment necessary to analyze the technology’s potential.