MCFA takes an uncompromisingly data-driven approach to our projects

MCFA provides top level consultation and support for the following energy related services.

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  • Development

    One of our specialties is helping our clients’ executive management teams develop and implement a comprehensive program to manage energy procurement, consumption, and generation.

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  • Finance

    Funding projects can often be a daunting task.  Our team of financial experts are actively engaged in financial markets and can leverage those markets to fund renewable energy projects for clients.

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  • Renewable Energy

    With rising energy prices and impacts to the environment associated with burning fossil fuels, on-site renewable energy generation has emerged as a clear solution.  MCFA's staff of professionals and engineers are well versed in all aspects of renewable generation.

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  • Energy Master Planning

    A comprehensive Energy Program is key to successful energy conservation.  The Energy Program is the main focus through which all energy-related projects and efforts are focused.  MCFA is acutely aware of the benefits of thoughtful planning and how it decreases the cost of overall operations.

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  • Facilities Integration

    Our facilities support systems improve energy efficiency, increases process efficiency, decreases operations and maintenance costs, and extends equipment life.

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  • Resource Efficiency Management

    We provide expert services for facility energy planning, energy program management, and renewable energy opportunities through our Resource Efficiency Managers.  Our Resource Efficiency Managers provide comprehensive energy consulting to help develop, manage, and execute all facets of an organization’s energy program.

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  • Investment Due Diligence

    Deregulated markets, increasing prices, and volatility combine to make managing energy purchases more complex than ever.  MCFA brings a proven track record of applying energy purchasing skills to our client’s energy requirements and managing budgets within appropriate risk tolerances.

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